Section Header Become a donor of the Homeland War Museum in Split. What, how, and why donate?


What to donate?

  • Military uniforms or parts of uniforms from the Croatian Army; aggressor uniforms: Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA), Serbian Army of Krajina (SVK), Army of Republika Srpska (VRS), Yugoslav Army.
  • Military items (metal and cloth unit insignias, rank insignias, decorations and awards, plaques, medals, emblems, flags, military trophies, and similar).
  • Military equipment or parts of military equipment used during the Homeland War.
  • Audio and video materials from the Homeland War.
  • Photographs from the Homeland War.
  • Literature for the museum library (books on the topic of the Homeland War and military history).
  • Professional publications issued during the Homeland War.
  • Trophy and professionally disabled weapons from the Homeland War.
  • Everything related to the political, social, and cultural life during the Homeland War.


Do not donate!

  • Any combat ammunition, unexploded ordnance, bombs, weapons that are not disabled, or similar items.

If you are in possession of such items, please surrender them to the nearest police station!



If you wish to donate, contact us via email at or call us at 091/908-11-35, and we will arrange a meeting at the museum premises. After inspecting the items, we will write a DONATION CERTIFICATE. The donation certificate contains the following information: the donor's name, address, personal identification number (OIB), a list of donated items, and a statement that the donated items belong to the donor and are donated to the Homeland War Museum in Split without compensation. After filling in all the information, the donor keeps one copy of the certificate, and the Museum keeps two copies. Congratulations, you are now a donor of the Museum!



Supporting donations play a vital role in museums, serving as an important source for new exhibits. They not only enrich the museum's collections but also contribute to the cultural and cognitive enrichment of the entire community. It's of utmost importance to institutionally preserve artifacts that bear witness to specific times or events, such as in our case with the Homeland War, which marks the foundation of our statehood.

Here are some reasons why donations matter:
- Ensuring professional and proper protection and supervision.
- Providing suitable accommodation.
- Conducting professional processing and analysis.
- Making items available for research and study purposes to the academic community.
- Showcasing artifacts to the wider public.
- Elevating the item's status to a cultural asset.
- Guaranteeing the security of donated items.

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